Suspects turn up alive


At least four of the men initially named as suspects in the US hijackings and three who remain on the list of 19 deceased hijackers have turned up alive and are talking to the press.

The first is Mr Abdel Rahman al-Omari, a pilot with Saudia, the Saudi national carrier, who lived in Vero Beach, Florida, until two weeks before the attacks. He was accused of being involved in the hijack of American Airlines flight 11 from Boston which flew into the north tower of the World Trade Centre.

The misidentification of Mr al-Omari led to the incrimination and arrest of his friend, Mr Adnan Bukhari, a trainee pilot, who was questioned and released. His brother, who was also named, died in a plane crash a year ago.

When it was clear that Mr al-Omari was not involved, a man whose name is similar, Mr Abdelaziz al-Amri, was put on the list. The third, Mr Sa'aid Ghamdi is a Saudia pilot who is on loan to Tunisair. He was listed as a hijacker on United Airlines flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania.

The fourth is Mr Walid al-Shihri, another pilot with the Saudi national carrier. He was supposed to have been on American Airlines flight 11.