SF opposes creation of EU 'superstate'


National government should be given complete control over taxation policy, Sinn Féin said today.

The party's European election manifesto, which was unveiled in Dublin today by party president, Mr Gerry Adams, vowed its MEPs would campaign for the restoration of economic sovereignty to EU member states.

Sinn Féin also said it would adopt a policy of "critical but constructive engagement" with the European Union and it accused other parties of adopting a wholly uncritical attitude to any and all developments in the EU regardless of their impact on Ireland.

Sinn Féin said it would oppose the entry of Turkey on human rights grounds because it continued to occupy Cyprus and deny the Kurdish people the right to self-determination.

Its manifesto also said it was opposed to the creation of a European Union superstate, even in stages and believed the proposed constitution would take the EU down the road of a federal state.