Seven arrested at Anglo protest


Seven people are to appear in court this evening following a protest outside the headquarters of Anglo Irish Bank in Dublin earlier today.

The six men and one woman are due to brought before a special sitting of the Bridewell District Court in Dublin  charged with public order offences.

Four people climbed up on a ledge at the front of the building on Stephen’s Green at 6am. Gardaí moved in at midday and removed the protesters, who were chained to each other.

The four are members of the socialist republican party Éirígí. Three more arrests took place at the rear of the building in a confrontation with protesters during which gardaí allegedly drew their batons.

Éirigí general secretary Brendan MacCionnaith said gardaí arrived "almost immediately" and there was "no hassle" until midday when gardaí emerged through the windows of the Anglo headquarters and "dragged" the protesters away in "a forceful manner".

Mr MacCionnaith accused the gardaí of "provocation", saying it was clear to gardaí, who were at the scene since early this morning, that the protest "was entirely peaceful".

The éirigí general secretary predicted further demonstrations as the Government prepares next year's budget.

"We’re very conscious that before the end of the year that the Government is to enact another budget. And if you cast your eye back to last year, it was pointed out at the time that the same budget would have to be replicated again this year and next year. As the effect of that begins to bite you’ll see a lot more anger". 

Gardaí at the scene would not comment on what happened. A spokesman at the Garda press office confirmed the arrests, saying they were for public order offences.

He said no members of the force were injured during the operation but was unable to say if batons had been used.

A  demonstration outside the bank at 2pm passed off peacefully with no more arrests.