Quinns to apologise if bank action fails


Bankrupt businessman Seán Quinn said he and his family would apologise to the Irish people if his children lost a court battle with the former Anglo Irish Bank.

“If the assets under dispute are found to belong to the Irish public and that they were taken legally by Anglo Irish Bank, and the receivership of the Quinn Group and administration of the Quinn Direct done legally and correctly then we will apologise to the Irish public,” he said.

The matter is due before the courts on January 14th.

However, if the family wins the case Mr Quinn said his reputation will be “repaired”. He also told the Joe Finnegan Show on Shannonside Northern Sound FM that his reputation meant more than money.

He said putting assets beyond the bank’s reach “wasn’t a very intelligent thing to do”.

Regarding asset-stripping he said he had “no experience of doing anything behind anyone’s back up until that. Some of these Russians and Ukrainians . . . have a society where things can be done.”