Taoiseach: I’m as disappointed as anybody over Brooks

Cancellation of Garth Brooks concerts raised in Dáil

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has spoken at Leader's Questions of his disappointment at the outcome of the Garth Brooks concert debacle. Video: Oireachtas


The operational regulations covering major events such as the Garth Brooks concerts are to be examined, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said.

He told the Dáil today he had asked Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan to look particularly at the timeline for the submission of applications by event organisers. The absence of an appeals’ mechanism relating to decisions in the granting of licences would also be examined, he added.

“This is an area that we do want to look at,’’ said Mr Kenny.

He said he was very disappointed that the concerts were not going ahead, adding that it represented a bitter economic lesson.

Tickets had been sold for five concerts this month as part of the country and western signer’s world tour. However, Dublin City Council refused permission for two of the gigs resulting in the singer pulling out of the remaining three.

The Taoiseach was replying to Fianna Fail leader Micheál Martin who said that a “starting estimate’’ of the economic loss would be €50 million. People had their tickets cancelled and there was reputational damage in terms of the capacity of the country and city to hold concerts.

Mr Martin said the Government should have intervened “in a hands-on way’’, given the enormous implications of what was happening.

The Taoiseach rejected a Fianna Fáil demand for immediate legislation to allow for the concerts to go ahead, because the Government would be accused of interfering in a planning process.