For Shame! What's in a name for Ross?


THINGS WERE clipping along at a lively pace with the Public Accounts Committee on Thursday morning. There was a good crowd in to hear Ministers Brendan Howling and Brian Hayes discussing the Croke Park agreement and public sector reform. Shane Ross was in great form, delighted to get a chance to hold forth.

But, for some reason, Lord Ross wasn’t getting the sort of reaction he would normally command from the lower orders.

In fact, some TDs appeared to be openly smirking at the Winston Churchtown of south Dublin.

Labour’s Michael McCarthy eventually explained why.

Having asked about the challenges presented by Croke Park, he added: “thirdly, for the record of the House, the Christian name of Deputy Ross is spelt incorrectly on his name bar.” Winston Churchtown looked puzzled.

“Shame Ross! Shame Ross!” chortled the deputies.

Lord Ross blushed, then declared: “Chairman, that was not an accident.” One of the committee members told us later: “we twigged immediately it was a spelling mistake – sure, we all know Shane is totally shameless.”