O'Shea's Goal action adjourned to Thursday


HIGH COURT:The High Court has adjourned to Thursday the application by the chief executive of aid agency Goal, John O’Shea, for an injunction restraining the agency taking any steps to suspend or remove him from his position pending the outcome of full legal proceedings.

Mr O’Shea’s application will be heard on Thursday if a judge is free to deal with it. Otherwise, the hearing will be fixed for a later date.

Mr O’Shea, who founded the organisation 35 years ago, has brought the High Court proceedings claiming steps are being taken by the board of Goal to remove him.

He obtained a temporary injunction earlier this month preventing the board taking steps in that regard, but that interim order was later lifted following agreement between the parties.

The application returned before Ms Justice Mary Laffoy yesterday, who was asked by Paul McGarry SC, for Mr O’Shea, to fix Thursday as the hearing date of his client’s application for an interlocutory injunction. His side was aware there may not be a judge available to hear the case, but were “willing to take their chances,” in the hope one might become available.