NCA details offenders penalised over pricing

Tesco, Supervalu and Marks and Spencer among almost 40 businesses punished


Tesco, Supervalu and Marks and Spencer were among almost 40 businesses which fell foul of the National Consumer Agency (NCA) for failing to carry accurate prices on some stock in the first half of the year.

The NCA secured 39 enforcement actions against traders in relation to misleading pricing and breaches of price display legislation.

It issued 10 compliance notices to retailers for charging more at the till than the price displayed on the shelf, while 29 on-the-spot fines were issued to retailers who failed to display product prices. These actions arose from visits to traders by the Agency’s authorised officers.

VK Motors which traded at Harold’s Cross Road in Dublin was prosecuted for engaging in misleading commercial practices by providing false information in relation to a vehicle’s mileage.

A total of five compliance notices were issued to the Christmas Direct website for breaches of the distance selling regulations including failure to provide information to consumers on their rights to cancellation and refund.

“The latest Consumer Protection List shows that the agency will take enforcement action up to and including prosecution if traders do not comply with consumer law,” said the NCA’s chief executive, Karen O’Leary.

She said interventions were “focused on the areas where we can make the greatest impact” and that the agency remained committed to ensuring consumers were protected and businesses held to account.

“When it comes to online business-to-consumer transactions, there are specific requirements that must be met by all traders both before and after any purchase by a consumer. Traders need to be aware of their obligations,” she concluded.