Director John Boorman plays part in launch of film school

‘Excalibur’ director partners with producer Kieran Corrigan to unveil new initiative

Award-winning director John Boorman and producer Kieran Corrigan have opened a new film school which had its launch in Dublin at the Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art on Tuesday.

The Irish Film School aims to offer courses addressing the craft and business of film-making.

Speaking at the official launch, Mr Boorman said he had been “doing film for 60 years, and film has always been in crisis. It goes on because there’s such a desire to make great films. Film will always go on.”

Mr Corrigan, a chartered accountant, barrister and former lecturer at Trinity and UCD, is to teach a business-of-film course, running for three days in 2018.


He said his aim would be to provide “practical, sensible courses”, adding that “we’re not trying to compete with university courses, we see ourselves as complimentary”.

In addition to film-making and business of film, courses on film and TV production with Tom Kane, smart film-making with Roger Corman, and visual effects will also be on offer to prospective students.

Speaking to broadcaster Marian Finucane at the official launch, Mr Boorman said the courses will be most valuable to people already involved in the film industry or those who have done a film course.