Capel Street and Parliament Street pedestrianisation trial to begin

Move by Dublin City Council aims to facilitate outdoor dining on busy evenings

Anne Street South, South William Street, Drury Street, and Dame Court in Dublin city centre are now either partly or fully pedestrianised. Capel Street will also pedestrianise for weekends on a trial basis starting in June. Video: Kathleen Harris


Two streets in Dublin’s city centre will be pedestrianised on weekend nights on a trial basis beginning on Friday.

The six-week trial will involve cars being banned from Capel Street and Parliament Street between the hours of 6.30pm and 11.30pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from June 11th until July 18th.

The move by Dublin City Council aims to facilitate outdoor dining on busy evenings, and will lead to a reduction or elimination of traffic on a number of connecting streets. The council has already created additional space for pedestrians and diners through the use of parking spaces on Capel Street.

A small portion of Capel Street, between Parnell Street and Ryders Row, will be pedestrianised on a permanent 24-hour basis from 7am on Friday, June 11th.

Five disabled bays on Capel Street will be relocated to Swifts Row, Ormond Quay and further up Capel Street itself. Two disabled parking spaces on East Essex Street will move to Fishamble Street.

Parking will be facilitated on Capel Street until 6pm on the days of the trial, with all vehicles required to vacate spaces by that time. Local bus diversions are also in place for those that usually serve Parliament Street. Access will be maintained for local residents.

Dublin City Council will assess the outcome of the trial once the six-week period is complete.