Bono draws card for John Hume’s 80th birthday

U2 singer pays tribute to former SDLP leader’s role in bringing peace to North

Bono's hand-painted birthday card to John Hume

Bono's hand-painted birthday card to John Hume


Former SDLP leader John Hume quietly celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday at home with his family in Derry, receiving good wishes from, amongst others, former US president Bill Clinton and rock band U2.

In a hand-painted birthday card posted online last night, U2’s lead singer Bono paid tribute to Mr Hume for his role in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.

“Living for ideals, rather than dying for them. The real border is not a line on the map – the real border is in the hearts and minds of people. The real task of politics is to change hearts and minds, not to redraw,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, Mr Clinton said: “From the first time we met, I knew you were a man of uncommon conviction, deep humanity and, most importantly, infinite patience.

“ Not many in your position would have stayed the course for peace in the face of such long odds, but your belief that progress was possible gave hope to all parties and ensured that peace stayed within reach, even during the most challenging moments.”