India and Pakistan 'prepare for war within days'


Newspaper reports in the US say Pakistan and India are preparing their forces for a war which could start within days.

Washington Times

The paper, quoting unnamed US intelligence officials, says they're also moving thousands of troops to the border.

According to the paper's sources, Pakistan is moving the equivalent of two armoured brigades with hundreds of tanks and armoured carriers.

Officials say they are most alarmed at preparations for using nuclear-tipped missiles.

Intelligence agencies say there are indications that India is preparing its short-range Prithvi ballistic missiles. The missiles are within range of the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.

They also say there are signs that Pakistan is mobilising its Chinese-made mobile M-11 missiles from a base near Sargodha.

The reports say India will be ready to launch an attack as early as Thursday or Friday. Pakistan could launch its forces before in a pre-emptive strike, they say.