Husband of victim raises Dollard case


COMDT Ray Quinn, the husband of murder victim Ms Joyce Quinn, yesterday made a special appeal to the public to help gardai solve the mystery of the disappearance of Ms Jo Jo Dollard in Moone, Co Kildare.

In a statement of thanks to those who had helped and supported him and his children and his wife's family, the Wickhams, he asked for special help to solve the Dollard case.helping the Gardai to resolve the mystery."

"We know that the apparent lack of progress is placing a terrible strain on her family. At least our anxiety while Joyce was missing was short lived. We can only empathise with the Dollard family.

"I want to reiterate what I have being saying over the last few days, namely that the entire method and procedures of dealing with crime and incarceration need to be looked at, and some serious alterations made. The facts speak for themselves."

"I wish to make no further comment and I request that my wishes in this regard be respected," the statement concluded.