Frelimo's election win to be challenged


Mozambique's opposition Renamo grouping said yesterday it would challenge the election victory of President Joaquim Chissano and his ruling Frelimo party in court and threatened chaos if the results were allowed to stand.

"I said I would accept the rules, but the rules have to be the same for everyone. I never said I would agree to be robbed," the Renamo leader, Mr Afonso Dhlakama, said. "If Chissano puts pressure on the Supreme Court to validate these elections, then Mozambique will become ungovernable."

Frelimo, which has ruled Mozambique since independence from Portugal in 1975, defeated a challenge from the Renamo-led opposition coalition in the December 3rd to 5th elections, the second multi-party poll since civil war ended in 1992.

The National Election Commission (CNE) said earlier that Frelimo had won 133 seats in the 250-seat assembly, while Renamo had picked up the remaining 117 seats.

Ten minor parties did not receive enough votes to sit in parliament.

In the presidential contest, Mr Chissano captured 52.3 per cent of the vote against his sole rival, Mr Dhlamkama, who polled 47.7 per cent.

Mr Chissano promised to form a government of experienced people, willing to undertake constant dialogue with the nation. "I will continue to govern in a climate of peace, dialogue and tolerance with all the vital forces of Mozambican society," he said.