Explosive device found at airport


Separate explosives have been defused in Northern Ireland, including one at Belfast International Airport, as dissident republicans stepped up their campaign.

A viable pipe bomb and suspected flammable liquid was discovered by airport staff in a Toyota car at the long stay car park at the airport yesterday afternoon. The alert ended this morning.

In Lurgan, Co Armagh, a 40kg explosive in a beer keg was made safe by army technical officers after a member of the public raised the alarm on the Tullydagan Road on Friday.

Police Service of Northern Ireland assistant chief constable Duncan McCausland said: “Both devices had the potential to cause injury and damage.

“They were left in places used by the public and with no regard for the public. It is thanks to the vigilance of individuals that no serious harm has been done.

“In recent days police have stepped up their measures to counter the threat posed by misguided individuals and groups who seek to drag the country back to mayhem and misery.

“Our efforts will continue and we would ask everyone in the community to be vigilant about their surroundings as they go about their daily business.

“A united response to the evil intentions of terrorist groups will help reduce the threat which they pose.” Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford said he was appalled, adding: “This type of incident sends out a very negative message at a time when it’s essential that we attract more businesses and tourists here.

“This is exactly the type of news Northern Ireland needs to avoid."