1. Martin Cahill (45): On an afternoon in August 1994, Cahill - known as "The General" left his Ranelagh home in a van to make a routine trip to the video store. When he stopped at a junction at his home two men were waiting - one dressed as a motor cycle courier and the other, unmasked, carrying a clipboard.

This man fired a shot through the window of Cahill's van, which crashed into a wall across the road.

The assassin ran across and fired four more shots into Cahill.

2. Patrick Shanahan (46): Twice a week Shanahan went to a health club in Drimnagh for karate and fitness classes. One evening in October 1994 he left the club and walked to his car. His killer was waiting. He stepped up in front of Shanahan, raised a handgun to his head and fired once.

3. David Weafer (31): Weafer was found dead at his home in Finglas last June. A neighbour said he had heard two shots. A friend who broke into Weafer's home found him lying in the hallway.

4. Francis Preston (30): Preston left his home in Baldoyle at the same time every weekday morning. In June 1995 he was reversing out of the driveway when a man cycled up the road. The gunman fired once, the bullet entering Preston's head via the right cheek. As he slumped, the killer fired a second time and then cycled away.

5. Gerard Connolly (29): Last August, Connolly was at his housed in Ballyfermot when the doorbell rang shortly before midnight. As he reached the glass panelled door, the gunman outside put his weapon close to the glass. He fired twice, leaving only one hole in the glass. Preston was hit in the chest by both bullets.

6. Eric Shortall (23): One evening last November Shortall was walking with his girlfriend just around the corner from where Connolly.

was shot in Ballyfermot. A white Honda motorcycle with false registration plates pulled up alongside. The pillion passenger fired at close range, hitting Shortall in the hip. His girlfriend watched as Shortall fell to the ground and the gunman dismounted, walked up to his victim and fired twice more.

7. Eddie McCabe (30) and Catherine Brennan (28): Last November the two drove from Brennan's house in Tallaght to a nearby petrol station at about 4 a.m. On their return journey they pulled into the side of the road. McCabe appears to have got out of the car to talk to someone. He was shot in the head. Brennan had remained in the passenger seat. Her killer fired through the passenger window hitting her in the head.

8. Christopher Delaney (46): At 7 p.m., after the McCabe and Brennan murders, Christy Delaney went to answer a caller at the back door of his home in Finglas.

Delaney may have known his killer: the two men had a brief argument before the killer produced a gun and fired. Delaney died about 10 minutes later.

9. Gerry Lee (31): Lee was celebrating his birthday in March at a house in Coolock. The night's drinking stretched into early morning and at about 7 a.m. a man came to the door and asked for Lee. He was shot twice and died shortly afterwards.

10. John Reddan (45): Reddan was drinking in the Blue Lion pub in Parnell Street one evening in April when a man wearing a motorcycle helmet came in and walked through the lounge to the lavatory. He then came out and shot Reddan.

11. John Kelly (34): Kelly was watching television at a house in Clondalkin in April. Just before 9 p.m. two unmasked men came to the house. The key was in the front door. One man waited outside while the other entered the house and went into the front room, where Kelly and two women were sitting. Kelly jumped up as the door opened and the gunman fired a shot into his chest. When he fell the gunman fired a second time.

12. Veronica Guerin (34): Veronica Guerin was stopped in her car at traffic lights on the Naas Road yesterday. Two men drew up beside her on a motorcycle and the pillion passenger opened fire, hitting her several times in the upper body.