Call for new approach to aid migrants adapt to life here


Many migrant workers from eastern Europe are falling into the poverty trap because of a lack of Government assistance when it comes to finding accommodation, employment and childcare, according to the co-ordinator of a support group which works with immigrants in Cork city.

Gertrude Cotter, of Nasc, a centre that provides support services for asylum-seekers, refugees and other immigrants in Cork, says Ireland needs to adopt an inter-agency approach to help migrants from Poland and the Baltic states adapt.

"We are worried about what is going on as some people are ending up on the streets. But we don't have the resources to help people to look for houses and work," Ms Cotter said.

"Cork is a big city, and there really needs to be more effort put in at a local level. This whole situation needs to be far more planned.

"There should be housing officers, some translation services to assist these people in finding employment and so on," she added.