Animals die tied to railway track


THE mutilated remains of a horse and three dogs were found in Limerick at the weekend. A spokesman said gardai were investigating this "appalling cruelty" where the animals were tied to a railway track and killed by a train.

The Mayor of Limerick, Alderman Jim Kemmy, described the incident as a "shocking case". He called for a coordinated effort by gardai to eliminate cruelty to animals.

In another incident, a pet Vietnamese pot bellied pig was hacked to death by a gang of youths in Limerick. The pig, nicknamed Rashers, made headlines when it strayed into a national school in Moyross, where it caused a stir.

In other cases, goats, calves and cats have been killed. Ms Marion Fitzgibbon, national chairwoman of the ISPCA, said: "What has been going on is terrible. Up until now we have not been speaking out about this cruelty in case it would just encourage other children.