Hillen dale


Born in 1961 in a Catholic, working-class neighbourhood of Newry, photomontage artist Seán Hillen grew up an eyewitness to the absurd unfolding tragedy of the Troubles, which he documented in exhibitions with surreal titles such as Sr Faustina Appears in London Newry, Miraculously Preventing the Illegal Photography of Members of the Security Forces.

Today, examples of his work hang in the office of the Taoiseach and in London’s Imperial War Museum (although it took two decades for them to see the light of day in the latter, as a result of Thatcher-era censorship).

His new show Whats Wrong? With the Consolations of Genius, is the first solo exhibition of his work in a private gallery for 10 years. It will features 16 new images inspired by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, alongside older images. It is at the Oliver Sears Gallery until March 10th.