Regulation once again


THERE’S LOTS of talk of regulation in the property business, but not really very much action. (Even after legislation is passed, it seems to take months to become law and yes, we are thinking about the Property Services Regulation Bill 2011).

So news that there’s a new statutory register for building surveyors and quantity surveyors is welcome.

From now on, under the Building Control Act, 2007, no one can call themselves a building surveyor or a quantity surveyor unless they have qualifications, training and experience recognised under the Act.

The statutory register was launched by Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan and the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) this week. (Incidentally, quantity surveyors are construction cost experts and project managers; building surveyors provide structural surveys/professional advice on residential and commercial property).

You can see the register at– and if you’re not on but are qualified, register now, says SCSI director Ciara Murphy.

Now wouldn’t it be useful for the public if there was some kind of statutory register for builders . . .

Right: Patricia Power, State- registered quantity surveyor, Ciara Murphy, SCSI director , and Krystyna Rawicz, State-registered building surveyor at the launch