Beloved bricks and mortal captured in oil

Two Irish artists have set up Paint For Me business doing house portraits

Selling your beloved house and want to hang on to the memories? Perhaps you’d like to mark the occasion of moving into your dream home, or maybe you’re simply looking to immortalise your abode. Why not get its portrait painted?

Two Irish artists have come up with a venture that could also solve your Christmas present problems for the most house-proud of friends. Peter FitzGerald and Elena Duff set up Paint for Me in October, and it’s one of those bright ideas that should go far. Simply log on to their website, choose your artist, email photographs of the house you want painted, and they’ll take it from there. You can even make special requests – excluding the neighbours, maybe adding a turret or two . . .

As FitzGerald says, “Whether a castle or cottage, semi-d or semi-derelict, the Paint For Me artists will transform bricks and mortar into oil on canvas”. And yes, they paint apartments as well. Prices start from €290. As the paintings are in oil, they take between two and six weeks, so order early if it’s for Christmas. Gift vouchers are also available.