Irish in America: Share your immigration story

What visa scheme brought you to the US? And what reforms would you like to see?

The Irish Government is embarking on a renewed push for immigration reform in the US ahead of the St Patrick's Day visit by the Taoiseach to Washington. It comes as the US Congress prepares for a contentious battle on immigration, after promises were made for a broad debate on the issue in the Senate in order to end the three-day government shutdown on Monday.

Irish groups have expressed concern about the impact of possible policy changes on immigrants and the undocumented Irish, especially the possibility of changes to the visa lottery system.

Irish Times Abroad would like to hear from Irish people living in the US. How did you come to America? What visa scheme did you arrive on, and what allowed you to stay? Or are you undcoumented? Are you happy to see the Irish Government pushing for immigration reform? Are you concerned about potential changes to immigration policy in the US?

You can share your story (max 500 words) using the form above. If you are currently undocumented, you can do so anonymously.


Please attach a photograph of yourself, either recent or when you first moved to the US. You can send more by email to

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