Reader callout: How would you improve your city?

We want to hear your suggestions on how to make Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford better

Una Mullally this week outlined 30 ways to immediately improve Dublin. Her article prompted many responses from readers who offered their own ways to improve the capital. Now, we want to hear more ideas — and not just about Dublin.

So please tell us your immediate suggestions for how your city could be fixed or improved. Please use the form below. We want to read about ways to make Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford better.

Please make your comments as specific (and brief!) as possible. The way Mullally does this works well, so take another look at her article to get an idea what we’re looking for or take a look at four of her ideas below. You don’t need to send us 30 suggestions though, one or two is plenty. Please also keep your suggestions specific to single cities (eg: “Galway would be better if...”) rather than vague suggestions for improving Irish urban centres in general.

We intend to use a selection of responses to publish articles on how to improve Ireland’s cities. Please provide a name a phone number for verification purposes.. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate this in your submission – we will keep your name and contact details confidential.

Four of Una Mullally’s 30 ways to immediately improve Dublin

  • Employ eyes on the street. Designating street caretakers on every main street in Dublin city centre doesn’t only keep bins and streets clean, it provides a point of contact, and fosters community.
  • Address the over-concentration of bookmakers in the city centre.
  • Address street clutter by consolidating the endless array of electricity boxes, and removing unwanted poles and signposts.
  • Make the design of awnings uniform and cohesive. In parts, these could meet across entire streets to facilitate daytime and night-time markets.
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