Welfare checkpoints

Sir, – Under Joan Burton's new schemes regarding the use of Garda checkpoints to detect welfare fraud, (Home News, October 17th), exactly what are gardaí going to ask people going into industrial estates? Where do you work? None of your business officer. Are you on the dole? That is also none of your business officer. Now unless you have a question to ask me in relation to a crime you have reason to suspect me of having committed and turning up in an industrial estate is not reason enough to suspect me of dole fraud, I will be on my way. Good day to you.

Joan Burton has been hobnobbing with the Blueshirts for too long and seems to be under the impression that just because a Garda asks you a question you are obliged by law to answer. That is not the case and people would do well to ignore this attempt at introducing yet more elements of a police state. Unfortunately, I will not have the pleasure of telling a Garda where to go on this issue. – Yours, etc,


Calle 12D, Bogotá, Colombia.