Who's benefiting?


The generosity of some of the recent Arts Council allocations for Cork can be explained (apart from the Council's own 25 per cent increase from Government funds): the nearly 100 per cent jump for the Firkin Crane Dance Centre (from £68,000 to £125,000) includes match-funding for the Centre's Youth To Dance out-reach initiative. The Meridian Company, which has a strong FAS-funded base, receives £80,000 towards the cost of staging and touring a number of productions during 1998 (Johnny Hanrahan's Craving opens on May 4th). The £140,000 for the Opera House is aimed at promoting co-productions which just might help towards the eventual establishment of more reliable local theatre seasons. Of the £130,000 going to Everyman Palace, £40,000 is to entice visiting companies.

John O'Regan of Gandon Editions knew his company's allocation would result in raised eyebrows, yet the £59,000 classed as revenue funding this year only amounts to what this private publishing company has already been receiving book by book as individual grants, covering its 20 t0 25 publications during each year.