Pete the Bin-Eater

By 5th Class, Francis Street CBS, John Dillon Street, Dublin 8. Illustration by Tim Mudie


Pete fell. He was sleepwalking when he heard Degi, his blue monster best friend, crying. He was having a nightmare about pigeons. When Pete woke up, he thought that he was a pigeon but then he said to himself, “Naaah, that’s not real.” He walked to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He looked in the mirror and realised he had a beak, no teeth, a bald head, and beady eyes.

He screamed, “Aagggghhh, I’m a pigeon!!!” and jumped out the window in fear. Then Pete realised that he could fly and started singing, “I believe I can fly.”

Just then, Pete’s wing snapped and he landed in a bin. Then Degi walked past.

He had been walking to the shop and was taking a shortcut. Suddenly, he saw a pigeon fall from the sky and started laughing. He asked the pigeon, “What does the bin taste like?”

“It tastes like a load of old gone-off salmon,” Pete replied. “Thanks for the help, mate.” Degi said, “Who are you?”

Pete replied, “It’s Pete! Your best bro.”

“Yeah right, Prove it!” Degi exclaimed . . . “Ask me a question about our friendship,” whispered Pete, “and I’ll prove it!”

“When did we first meet?”asked Degi very suspiciously, rubbing the blue fur on his chin. “Well, we met at a bus-stop, six years ago, when we were chatting about our dreams and the things we had in common. Remember you always wanted to be a seagull and I wanted to be a pigeon?”

“Well, you are one now!” laughed Degi.

The two friends decide to go to the local science lab to figure out a way for Pete to change back into a human.

In the lab they find a magic spellbook. Pete found the spell to change him back into a human but unfortunately Degi was a bit of a feather-brain and he read the spell backwards! Suddenly Degi became a blue seagull. His blue fur sprinkled to the ground and in its place grew blue feathers. Then wings started to sprout from his body. Pete was astonished.

“Now you can’t laugh at me for being a pigeon because you’re a blue seagull!”

The two bird friends flew to Howth. There was a nice breeze on their wings.

Suddenly the wind became stronger and they couldn’t keep control of their wings. Without any notice, they hit into a lamp-post. When they smacked into the lamp-post they crashed to the ground like a meteor and lay there in a daze.

When they came round the fall had hit them so hard that they had changed back to being a human and a monster. They thought they could still fly and they ended up crashing head first into a bin.

“LOL!”laughed Degi, “back to where you started!”

“I hope I never see a pigeon again,” screamed Pete.