Young Wonder: Birth | Album Review

Fri, May 15, 2015, 00:00



Young Wonder

Feel Good Lost


It’s the precision at the heart of Young Wonder’s sound which is responsible for a raft of thrills.

The robust nature of how they operate owes much to the synchronicity between producer Ian Ring and vocalist Rachel Koeman, a Cork duo who have become the measure of one another’s impulses over the years.

There’s a savvy, quick-witted bang to Ring’s manipulations of the soft, hazy, dreamy layers at the heart of Young Wonder’s sound, but Koeman has the artful guile required to go beyond the usual rub of ethereal warbling when she takes to the microphone.

Their debut album is both evocative and powerful, a run of songs that glisten from both slick studio shaping and some strong, deft hooks.

Intergalactic is a good example of this sort of craftsmanship, as are the ranges explored on Enchanted and Time.