New artist of the week: Superorganism

This band have an origin story that’s hard to believe

What? A globe-spanning electronic pop collective. From where? London, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Why? Eight strangers drawn together from different corners of the world to live in a house and make music together under one roof. The name sounds like the pitch of a Real World-style music show, but it is the story of Superorganism.

It is a collective of musicians from England, Japan, Australia and New Zealand,  seven of which now live in that aforementioned house in east London and were recently snapped up by Domino Records.

It all started when the seven friends sent the track they had been working on to a 17-year-old Japanese girl living in New England called Orono, who promptly wrote the vocal for the track.


That song Something For Your M.I.N.D created an online buzz earlier this year. Its effervescent electronic pop style was matched with laid-back vocals and a chorus built on a sample of a 1990 dance song, The Realm by C'hantal.

In the meantime, their debut double A-side release of polychromatic pop It's All Good/Nobody Cares received support from Frank Ocean and Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig on their Apple music shows and the band became a giddy reality. They are doing their debut live shows around Europe this month before they inevitably take it global like their genesis.