Braids: Deep in the Iris | Album Review

Thu, Apr 30, 2015, 19:23


Deep In the Iris




Braids are capable of making a compelling rattle.

Between the astute, hazy tribal grooves of debut album Native Speaker and the challenging friction of follow-up Flourish//Perish, the Montreal band have shown a fine ear for getting to the nub of a contrary and unlikely hook.

It’s clear on Deep in the Iris that they have honed their skills over the three albums to the point where their art-rock now swings with both brawn and brains.

The sounds employed on the opening Letting Go and Sore Eyes, for instance, are full of dramatic pounce and punch, but they don’t distract from either song’s big payoff in the shape of that magnetic hook.

They can do big room spectacle too, with both Miniskirt and Warm Like Summer full of the kind of zig-zag momentum which underpins the best of wonky pop and out-there rock.