Boards of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest

Tomorrow's Harvest
    
Artist: Boards Of Canada
Genre: Electronic
Label: Warp

The simple, evocative toot of a horn announces the return of electronic music's favourite rustic stayaways. It's been eight years since the Sandison brothers last produced music to sway to and the landscape has changed a lot. Yet despite that Tomorrow's Harvest immediately sounds right. While there are pastel drones, liquid swirls and other vintage shadows of their Music Has the Right to Children debut, there are also indications that BoC are looking too at how earlier creations have informed new players. Come To Dust, for instance, is a curiously pitched wobble of dubstep ideas spun through a classic prism. Better still are tracks such as Reach for the Dead, with its slowly twisting drone, the rootsy avant-garde swirl Jacquard Causeway, and Cold Earth with its magnificent rolling blend of sounds and shapes . A delightful return.

Download: Cold Earth, Reach for the Dead, Come To Dust