Antonio Sanchez: Three Times Three

Fri, Sep 26, 2014, 00:00


Three Times Three

Antonio Sanchez

CAM Jazz


Antonio Sanchez, current incumbent of the drum stool in Pat Metheny’s world-beating group, takes time off from the day job to make three different trio records, spread over two sumptuously recorded discs. When anyone will take your call, you start at the top of the list, and the personnel reads like no one said “no”. For a piano trio, he enlists Brad Mehldau, along with bassist Matt Brewer; then for a guitar trio he drafts in John Scofield with bassist Christian McBride; and for a saxophone trio, he calls Joe Lovano with bassist John Patitucci. In the way of these one-off recording dates, there is perhaps more style than substance on display, but it’s hard to imagine three better foils for Sanchez’s impressive technique.