Café Irlandaise Self release****

There are three words that haunt any compilation of Irish female vocalists. However, this free-to-download compilation, put together by In Valour’s Valerie Hely, is cut from much different cloth than A Woman’s Heart, that best-selling juggernaut from two decades ago featuring the leading ladies of the time. Here, it’s a slew of new-ish names from the electronic, indie-pop, alternative, ambient, experimental and folk undergrounds. There’s plenty of meaty substance among the 10 tracks. Highlights include the gothic bruises of Laura Sheeran’s Murderous Love; the tender, bittersweet melodies of Sive’s Sunkissed; the spacey psych-noise that Galway-based duo Low Sea produce on Never Yours; and the luscious, rich baroque pop from Sí (aka Síle Ní Dhubhghaill) on Toy Soldiers(from her Great Expectationsalbum). See

Download tracks:Laura Sheeran, Murderous Love; Low Sea, Never Yours; Sí, Toy Soldiers