Rebekka Karijord


We Become OurselvesControl Freak Kitten Records ***

First things first: having a song on your album called Use My Body While It’s Still Young doesn’t bode well. Linguistic subtleties may not be Stockholm-based Rebekka Karijord’s forte, but the Norweigian’s music fares a lot better. Having spent time as a soundtrack composer, Karijord takes a minimalistic approach on her third album, although the fragility of these songs becomes a little onerous after a while.

Still, the skeletal frames of these 10 songs allows Karijord’s quirky, crystalline voice the freedom to swoop and soar over Oh Brother and dance lithely over the sharp violin squeaks of Multicoloured Hummingbird. Think Bat for Lashes, Natalie Merchant and Cat Power, with the hiss and crackle of tape recording and an extra helping of peculiarity.

Download:Multicoloured Hummingbird, Oh Brother