Onra - Chinoiseries Vol 3 album review: Some hugely infectious numbers

Fri, Mar 31, 2017, 13:50


Chinoiseries Vol 3


All City

Hip-Hop & Rap

Time for Arnaud Bernard to look east once more. It’s a decade on from when this particular series began and the French producer’s third and final set of tracks, all created from digging into old Chinese records and using an MPC to re-up and re-upholster the samples, is a powerful piece of work.

On the one hand, the sounds and beats which Bernard produces are both heady and striking, a rough and tough collection of next-level hip-hop instruments which are lively and lovely in their own stead. On the other hand, though, the tracks show just what an attentive ear and skilled fingers can craft from the most unlikely of sources.

While some of the 32 tracks here are on the slight and wispy side, there are some hugely infectious numbers full of colour and drama which send the listener straight to the Orient. Tea Vender On the Street, The Storm and Autumn Moon Shining Over the Calm Lake demonstrate that Bernard’s project is one well worth saluting.