Milky Chance - Blossom album review: Don’t rock the pop template

Thu, Mar 16, 2017, 16:12



Milky Chance



You would not recognise Clemens Rehbein or Philipp Dausch if they stopped you on the street to ask for directions, but you could probably hum one of their Milky Chance tunes. That’s likely to be Stolen Dance, one of those megahits that still occasionally takes the pop world by storm.

The challenge for the German duo on their second album is to show they are capable of more moments like that. For the most part, Milky Chance rarely travel too far from a tried-and-tested template of Rehbein’s soft, folky guitarlines and vocals and Dausch’s perfectly complementary electronic beats. There’s little deviation, which accounts for the haunting sway that carries Cocoon, or the smart way Firebird and the title track go about their business.

There’s little doubt the pair are happy not to rock the boat in order to ensure those who want another Stolen Dance get it.