Katy B


On a Mission Rinse/Columbia ****

You’ve probably come across Kathleen “Katy B” Brien by now via collaborations with Magnetic Man ( Perfect Stranger) and The Count Sinden ( Hold Me). These turns established Brien as the go-to girl for new-school electronic musicians seeking some soulful pop tones for their bangers. But the Londoner was always just way too good and far too feisty to be guest vocalist fodder, and her debut album showcases a talented singer with a great ear for proper pop hooks. Sure, Brien has a perfect set of dubstep trump cards (Benga is onboard as producer, to add another one), but that’s just one stylistic iron in the fire. The fizzy title track, the brilliant Lights On(which sees the return of Ms Dynamite), Witches Brewand Broken Recordcatch a singer who is more than happy to waltz from one richly infectious, deeply melodic, urban pop touchstone to the next. See facebook.com/katyb

Download tracks: On a Mission, Lights On, Witches Brew