Funeral Suits


Lily of the ValleyModel Citizen ****

Four years can be a lifetime in music. The Funeral Suits who got together in 2008 are a markedly different bunch to the band that has crafted a debut album fizzing with potential. Much of that can be attributed to natural evolution: tweaks in the band’s style, line-up and songwriting methods. But under the steadying hand of producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur), the quartet are, quite simply, a better band. Last year’s brilliantly dour, minimalist, electro-indie single, Colour Fade, hinted at what was to come, but Lily of the Valley takes in upbeat alt-rock (All Those Friendly People), acoustic introspection (We Only Attack Ourselves) and lolloping, Animal Collective-esque rhythms (Florida) just as sleekly. The Dubliners’ schtick may not be revolutionary, but this is still a vibrant, creative debut offering.

Download tracks:All Those Friendly People, Colour Fade