Dropkick Murphys


Signed and Sealed in BloodHellcat Records **

There’s only one way to go with a sound and style that consciously (blithely? unashamedly?) blends two very distinct and singular influences, and that way is niche.

Massachusetts band Dropkick Murphys take the Pogues/Clash hybrid to almost ridiculous levels. At times (especially if you’re daydreaming), they’re so good at recreating the sonic templates of the aforementioned bands that you’re not sure if you’re listening to The Sick Bed of Cuchullain or Safe European Home. If you are paying attention, you’re left with the sure knowledge of a band using creative and political touchstones to make their points.

The upside: not for a second do you believe that they don’t mean it. The downside: the music is so obviously indebted, it borders on copyright infringement.


Download:The Season’s Upon Us