The Lost Tapes Spoon/Mute***

German group Can (the godfathers of Krautrock, anyone?) cared little for creating a masterpiece but rather creating an atmosphere. This three-disc set isn’t so much a reissue as a collection compiled from unlabelled tapes found in the band’s archives four years ago. What we have here is a bona fide treasure trove and not a selection of noodlesome jam sessions.

Tracks such as Graublau, Nocturnal and Barnacles deliver the kind of sonic experiments Can executed so well: lengthy improvisations through areas such as jazz and contemporary classical, and which land at a spot marked out by garage rock gouges and avant-garde swipes. Sometimes it can be too much – the live tracks smack of having had to be there – but overall this is essential listening for krafty Krautrockers.

Download tracks:Waiting for the Streetcar, Nocturnal, Dead Pigeon Suite, Graublau