Gardaí believe man found dead in Co Kildare house lay undiscovered for days

Suspect arrested in connection with death of Shane Knott (36) at Eustace Demesne, Naas remains in custody

Gardaí investigating the death of Shane Knott in a house in Naas, Co Kildare have received reports about suspicious activity being noticed at the property more than a week ago.

Witnesses have told investigators that they believe they saw a man burning items, possibly clothing, at the rear of the property some 10 days ago.

A man in his 40s was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of murdering Mr Knott (36) and he remained in custody at a Co Kildare garda station on Monday.

He is the only suspect in the case and gardaí strongly suspect the victim was killed in the course of a personal dispute with a man known to him.


The alarm was raised when a man called to a Dublin garda station and said an associate of his had told him Mr Knott was dead and his remains were at the property in Eustace Demesne, Naas. Gardaí then visited the house and his remains were discovered in the back garden at about 1.30pm on Sunday.

While it was initially suspected that Mr Knott had been fatally assaulted at the weekend, or just before, the time frame of interest has since been extended to cover a longer period. Mr Knott was reported missing and his loved ones were concerned for him as he was regarded as being troubled.

Gardaí are trying to establish details if the suspicious activity reported to them, which is said to have taken place up to 10 days ago, was linked to Mr Knott’s death.

It is suspected that a weapon or implement was used in the fatal assault and an extensive search for it, and other evidence, continued at the sealed-off property and in its environs on Monday. A Garda search team scoured vegetation nearby and also emptied rubbish bins and sifted through their contents.

The scene was immediately sealed off when the remains were discovered. Investigating gardaí set about identifying the deceased, whose name was quickly confirmed, and a full-scale investigation commenced.

“The body has since been removed to the mortuary at Naas General Hospital,” said a Garda statement, which added that a postmortem would be carried out.

Gardaí said the postmortem results would determine the course of the inquiry, though sources said Mr Knott’s death was being treated as a homicide as he had injuries consistent with a violent assault.

They were also hopeful a technical examination of the scene, as well as analysis of the dead man’s clothes and the interior of the property, would yield forensic evidence which could prove crucial to determining how Mr Knott was killed and who was responsible.

The suspect (40s) is being questioned under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act. It allows for gardaí to question him for up to 24 hours without charge. However, that 24-hour period of interviews can take much longer to elapse if a suspect opts to sleep overnight or takes other rest periods.

Conor Lally

Conor Lally

Conor Lally is Security and Crime Editor of The Irish Times