A round-up of the werid and wonderful from the world wide web


Google's very first press releaseTHE UBIQUITOUS internet giant celebrated its 11th birthday this week (the only sign being a subtle tweak of its homepage logo). The Next Web marked the occasion by republishing Google’s first press release, dated June 7th, 1999, announcing it had received $25 million in funding. It may be a little over 10 years old but in internet time this is a document from the Jurassic era. http://short.ie/yv8zk9


Holding your Pocket Heart in your handTHE IPHONE and iPod Touch are not just for entertainment as the release of what is claimed to be the first 3D medical app for the Apple platform underlines. Pocket Heart, an interactive guide to the human heart, is the work of Galway/Mayo Institute of Technology campus company eMedia, which is planning a suite of 3D medical apps.

Costing €4.99, the target market is secondary school biology students, medical students, doctors looking for novel ways to communicate diagnoses to patients, or anyone interested in how the body works. pocketanatomy.com


Twitter in real life, a little on the banal sideWHILE WE are regular users of Twitter, some people need to take a break from telling us about their every move.

In this “real-life Twitter” video, College Humour’s Dan Gurewitch demonstrates the banality of much that is posted to the social network by shouting out Twitter- style posts as he wanders the streets of New York. “Just arrived in New York. What are good things to see and do here?” he asks passersby. http://short.ie/znrvbr


Microsoft Security Essentials on releaseMICROSOFT SECURITY Essentials – the software giant’s suite of free anti-virus, spyware and malware applications – has gone on general release after a three-month beta program.

Cost is no longer an argument for not having up-to-date protection for your PC.  http://short.ie/ksam7m