Tenant to pay Coalport debt to agency


THE HIGH Court has allowed a personnel agency to bring an action aimed at recovering debts it claims it is owed by Coalport, the construction company of developer Thomas McFeely.

Recruitment firm MCR Personnel Ltd yesterday asked Mr Justice Seán Ryan to order a third party – in this case the One in Four organisation that helps victim of abuse – to pay money allegedly owed to Coalport, directly to MCR.

Benedict Ó Floinn, for MCR Personnel Ltd, said his client was seeking the order, known as a “garnishee order”, to recover a debt of €40,966, which it obtained in a judgment against Coalport in 2010, and also legal costs of €16,500.

The money due to Coalport from One In Four (Ireland) Ltd relates to a building at Holles Street, Dublin 2, which is the property of Mr McFeely.

The property is subject to a 25-year lease entered into with Mr McFeely’s company Coalport Ltd. Coalport in turn subleases to One in Four, which pays rent to Coalport.

MCR now wants that rent money paid directly to it rather than to Coalport to satisfy the debt it claims is due to it since 2008.

Mr Justice Ryan said he was satisfied to make the orders sought. The orders were granted on an ex-parte basis, with just one party represented in court.

Mr Justice Ryan also heard that attempts to resolve and settle the matter had been made previously and that it was listed for next month in the District Civil Court.

Last week, Mr McFeely avoided jail after his lawyers applied to the District Civil Court to vary how the scheme of repayments of money owed to MCR Personnel Ltd is to be paid.