Cybercrime conference to examine latest security threats

Top security experts to battle it out to expose vulnerabilities in cyber challenge


Some of Ireland’s top security experts will this week battle it out as part of a cyber security challenge to see who can exploit weaknesses in a number of systems first.

The purpose of the competition, which will be held in a controlled environment, is to demonstrate how attackers could gain access to business systems and to learn how to prevent such attacks.

A mobile phone will be placed in the room during the day, with the aim being to turn the phone off without touching it.

The challenge will also involve a number of servers, with the goal being to capture as many servers as possible, while defending the captured servers at the same time.

The challenge is being run in parallel to the Irish Reporting and Information Security Service (IRISS) cybercrime conference in the Clyde Court Hotel in Dublin this Thursday.

Experts on various aspects of cybercrime and cyber security, from global leading organisations such as Google and Amazon, will share their thoughts and experiences with attendees, while a number of panel sessions will provide the opportunity to discuss the latest security threats.

Eoin Goulding, managing director of Integrity Solutions, said the challenge is being held at a time when cybercrime and IT security is foremost in the minds of most Irish businesses and consumers, following a series of damaging data leaks in Ireland, most recently the LoyaltyBuild fiasco.

“We work closely with companies across Ireland and the UK providing systems and support to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks. We feel that this challenge will give attendees a real, live sense of what they are up against in the battle to remain secure,” he said.

Gadi Evron, vice-president of cyber security strategy at Kaspersky Labs, Christopher Elisan, principal malware scientist at RSA NetWitness and Stephen Doherty, threat intelligence analyst at Symantec will be among the speakers at the event.