Algorithms app explains backbone of computer science

Web Log: Free Android and iOS app uses intuitive visual guide to shed light on subject

Algorithms are mentioned regularly in the context of artificial intelligence and various mobile apps but few of us actually understand what they are and how they work.

A free Android and iOS app called Algorithms: Explained and Animated is a unique approach to educating people about the "recipes" that drive modern technology.

This app is useful for children and adults alike, starting at the very beginning and taking you step by step through basic algorithms such as Bubble Sort, which is a series of instructions for sorting a sequence of numbers in order.

Realistic insight

Rather than simply explaining how the algorithm works, the animation offers a more intuitive visual guide.


For any secondary students considering studying computer science at third level, this app offers a realistic insight into the concepts they will be expected to master including data structures, graph search, maths and recursion.