IBOA seeks a new general-secretary for £100,000 post


The Irish Bank Officials' Association (IBOA) is to advertise for a new general secretary to replace Mr Ciaran Ryan. The post, worth an estimated £100,000 (€126,974) a year, is expected to attract strong competition. Deputy general secretary Mr Larry Broderick is seen as the most likely successor but independent consultants have been appointed to oversee the selection process.

Mr Ryan, who has led the IBOA since 1989, is not due to retire until the end of next year but he said yesterday he would "accommodate a seamless takeover" to suit his successor before then.

He led the union in the 1992 bank strike which eroded membership at the time but ensured it would be taken seriously by the banks in the current restructuring. Membership is now at a record high of 17,000. Mr Ryan predicts the main challenges facing his successor are in the areas of "reorganisation, restructuring and technology. There are not necessarily going to be great changes in job numbers but there will be in skill needs.

"The other challenge is to try and reconstitute the reputation of the industry. The people who caused the problem are gone now, but they left huge damage behind them."

An advocate of social partnership he played a key role, as a member of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions' executive, in negotiating national agreements. Mr Ryan says the position of the Irish trade union movement at the centre of power was "the envy of unions across Europe. The challenge is to get the message across to our own members that the increase in real incomes is not seen as money from the Government or `money from America'."

Before joining the IBOA as general secretary Mr Ryan was services director of IBEC, from 1978 to 1989. He was head of personnel at Quinnsworth from 1974-1978 and a union official with Mandate from 1966 to 1974. He says he wants to enjoy his retirement.

"I do not want to take on any heavyweight consultancy work. If people are looking for assistance for some smaller organisation I would certainly look at it, but I have been working since I was 15 and at this stage I want time for leisure activities."

Mr Ryan's financial package was estimated at £70,000 when he joined the IBOA in 1989. It is now thought to be worth at least £100,000.