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Strengthening your pelvic floor in the comfort of your home

Bladder weakness, or urinary incontinence, affects hundreds of thousands of women and men in Ireland. Now, a Galway-based company is offering a safe, effective and home-based treatment

Innovo, from Atlantic Therapeutics, is the only wearable, truly non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser that comfortably strengthens and trains the pelvic floor, helping you to regain bladder control in as little as four weeks


Did you know that one in three women and one in 10 men in Ireland suffer from bladder weakness, leaks or whatever you call it, making it more common than hay fever, asthma or arthritis? These unwanted leaks often happen when exercising, dancing or laughing – all the good things that we’re looking forward to in the happier days ahead. We all can’t wait to socialise, have a good laugh, go out with friends and family, travel, swim, dance or go for a seaside a walk, so let’s get ready for it.

Innovo, from Atlantic Therapeutics, is the only wearable, truly non-invasive pelvic floor exerciser that comfortably strengthens and trains the pelvic floor, helping you to regain bladder control in as little as four weeks. 

Helen, 69, from Mayo

Helen lived with bladder weakness for many years before finally seeking help.

“I was constantly worried about having leaks. When I would go out shopping, I would make sure I knew where the nearest loo was, and I would carry a change of clothes with me in case I had an accident. If I went to a show or a concert, I tried to get the seat nearest to the toilet. I used to wear pads to try and manage the problem, but I found them uncomfortable and irritating. It got so bad that I even didn’t want to go out sometimes, and I was too embarrassed to ask for help. After the menopause, the problem became even worse, and eventually I worked up the courage to speak to my GP’s practice nurse. They referred to me Aoife Ni Eochaidh, charteredpPhysiotherapist and clinical specialist in Women’s Health & Continence in Galway, and thanks to her and Innovo my life has been completely turned around.

“Aoife started me on some pelvic floor exercises, and then introduced me to Innovo. It’s like a pair of shorts that workout your pelvic floor muscles for you. I use it for a half an hour a day while I’m reading or on the phone – it’s like my “me-time!” 

“I find I have so much more control and I’m less worried about having leaks. Best of all, it’s given me confidence. I’m so conscious about other people who have this problem and might be embarrassed like I was, but it’s really important to know that there are experts like Aoife and products like Innovo that can make a real difference. I recommend it to anyone who has this problem.”

Aoife Ni Eochaidh

Aoife Ni Eochaidh, chartered physiotherapist and clinical specialist in Women’s Health & Continence uses Innovo with her patients in her clinic in Galway. Aoife has also been using Innovo with her patients by telephone or video call physiotherapy during the coronavirus lockdown.

Aoife says “Innovo is a fantastic device which delivers targeted and intensive neuro muscular electrical stimulation to the pelvic floor muscles and nerves.” 

Innovo is a new and improved evidence-based therapy which embraces the best of modern technology to successfully treat this very common, embarrassing and taboo health problem. It is very important that the pelvic floor muscles are exercised correctly for optimal results. With Innovo, Aoife explains that the pelvic floor muscles are contracted and relaxed perfectly 180 times in the half hour session when using the device. The patient can use Innovo at home - it is easy and pain free.

Many patients are in doubt as to whether they are doing their pelvic floor exercises correctly and this results in them not being inclined to do them at all. With Innovo the patient will feel the normal muscle function and dryness returning to them with ease. Aoife can advise patients from the comfort of their own home about pelvic floor muscle training augmented with Innovo.

Nadia Sawalha

TV celebrity, Nadia Sawalha shared her positive experience of using Innovo; “They look like exercise shorts; I lounge in them in front of the telly whilst they do my pelvic floor exercises for me. I can answer the door to the postman and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid.”

Aoife says that her patients really like using Innovo, it is a modern technology, which is non-invasive, easy to use and is pain-free which gives her patients their quality of life back without fear of leaks.

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