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Christmas online present shopping: Seven of the best Irish websites for skincare and beauty

Pricewatch: Get ahead with your Christmas shopping with our handy guide

Seeing as how Pricewatch is always banging on about the need to shop early and shop local, we thought we’d better publish our list of excellent Irish-based retailers doing the business online a couple of weeks earlier this year. So you’ve no excuse not to get yourself sorted well in advance of Christmas.

Check out the full list of 101 of the best Irish websites to buy gifts from this Christmas for more.


The place for all the hairbrushes and curlers and shower combs you will ever need. Probably.


Clare-based business offering ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives to mainstream soaps, shower gels and washing powders.

Another ethically-minded brand coming out of the West. There are cleansers, scrubs, gift sets and serums on offer here.

Dundalk skincare range that sustainably makes 100 per cent Irish products, specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Organic and vegan beauty products covering facial cleansers, body scrubs and elixirs, and more besides.

There will be no dodgy chemicals in the products found on this site.

Gorgeous brand with a wide range of natural skincare and home fragrance products, free from nasty synthetics.