The fact that 16 per cent of school-leavers do not apply for a CAO college place is not an indication of failure. They may be planning to pursue a further-education course, which is more appropriate to their career goals. Photograph: iStock

To make sense of the feeder tables, it is important to understand its component parts, and in particular, the two key numbers associated with each sch(...)

Once you receive your paper, read it carefully and fully before you do anything else. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Wednesday sees the beginning of the written papers in this year’s Junior and Leaving Cert exams. In both cases, students will sit English exams in th(...)

The Leaving Cert starts today and the ensuing media circus that goes with it is in full swing. But why are we still putting faith in this absurd (...)

Exams scripts for the mocks exams are a vital source of learning ahead of the State exams in June. Photograph: David Davies/PA Wire

Question: My son has just received a less than stellar set of Leaving Cert mock results and scraped passes in higher level maths and Irish. Should he (...)

Many parents are concerned that their children may lose out due to industrial action. Above, teachers on strike outside a secondary school. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Question: What can I do to ensure that my children do not fall behind in their studies while their schools are closed due to the industrial action? (...)

From 2017 onwards, everybody who ever sat the Leaving Cert will have their results reclassified according to the new State Exams Commission (SEC) grading system. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Question: I sat my Leaving Cert in 2015 and went on to do speech therapy at Trinity. However, I am now taking a year away from college and want to cho(...)

Mary Hanafin as minister for education increased the oral component of Irish from 20 to 40 per cent for Leaving and Junior Cert

PROBLEM: I am a principal of a large Dublin boys’ secondary school. The ASTI has an embargo on orals for Irish and European languages for the Junior (...)

What you eat and drink affects your performance in any activity, especially one involving mental sharpness. Photograph: Getty Images

For many parents having a son or daughter take the Junior or Leaving Cert this week brings back waves of fear and anxiety which they last experienced (...)

Second-level teachers have already staged two days of strike action in protest at the Governent’s proposed changes to the junior cycle

The dispute over the Government’s junior cycle reform will continue into next year if the Minister for Education persists in her intention to move ahe(...)

ASTI president Philip Irwin said teachers’ key objectives around junior cycle reform have not yet been addressed, and with all avenues exhausted, they have no option but to escalate industrial action.

Secondary teachers have been urged to call off industrial action scheduled to take place in December and January.Delegates at the annual conference of(...)

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