Equestrian: British riders lead the way in Meath

Raiders take top three places at the Tattersalls international horse trials

Ireland’s Cathal Daniels on Harieko. Photograph: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho

Ireland’s Cathal Daniels on Harieko. Photograph: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Inpho


The first day of cross-country action took place on Friday at the Tattersalls international horse trials in Co Meath where British riders hold the top three placings in the Cooley Farm CCI2* class for young horses.

Regular Tattersalls visitor, William Fox-Pitt leads the way on Frafennacht (24.60 penalties) followed by Izzy Taylor with Hartacker (28.30) and Tom McEwen riding the Irish Sport Horse gelding Brookfield Benjamin Bounce (28.60), a seven-year-old grey by Nazar.

Local Co Meath riders, Sarah Ennis and Elizabeth Power, are well placed. Ennis goes into Saturday’s show jumping phase in fourth place with Yvonne Gavin’s seven-year-old Beowulf mare Shanbo Sky Fall (29) and in seventh with the Tullabeg Fusion dun Tullabeg Tango, another seven-year-old mare, this one owned by Eilish Arkwright and Sarah Odlum. Power is lying fifth with her seven-year-old home-bred mare Azure, a grey by Omar.

Wicklow based Katie O’Sullivan rounds off the top 10 on a score of 31 penalties with J’Taime Cooley. Another seven-year-old mare, this bay by Je Taime Flamenco is owned by the class sponsor, Cooley Farm.

The track had little effect on the result with only three of the 52 starters failing to complete while just three others picked up jumping penalties. The remaining 46 all got home within the time.

The lead in the Land Rover CCI2* class is held by Britain’s J.P. Sheffield on the 15-year-old stallion Woodlander Wesuvio (27.80) with the best-placed Irish rider being Saintfield native Molly Evans on the ISH mare Wellan Graffiti (29.60) an eight-year-old by Grafenstolz.

Topping the leaderboard in the Horseware CCI2* class for Junior riders is Co Westmeath’s Chloe Fagan riding the 15-year-old ISH gelding Versace Biscuit. This bay by the Connemara stallion Templebready Fear Bui was a winner of this class last year when ridden by owner, Sarah Riley’s daughter Katie.

The cross-country phase had quite an effect on the Berney Bros CCI2*class for ponies with three of the nine starters being eliminated. The first two after dressage maintain their positions, local rider Lucie Glynn being in the lead on the 11-year-old Kingstown Cavalier gelding Bramblebough Eoghan (30.80) ahead of Grace Tyrrell on Fiona’s Fionn (31.40).

All competitors in the class above will undertake their concluding show jumping phase on Saturday when those in the higher graded long format classes take on the cross-country track. Those in the short format George Mernagh Memorial will CCI4* class will show jumping on Saturday and do the cross-country on Sunday.

There is also international show jumping this weekend at the Mullingar Equestrian Centre where, as well as the FEI CSI2* international classes, there is a full schedule of Show Jumping Ireland classes for horses and ponies, the Horse Sport Ireland Irish Sport Horse Studbook Series for five, six and seven-year-olds, ‘Koro D’Or’ three-year-old Loose Jumping, a Dublin Horse Show Puissance qualifier, the Coolmore Ballyowen Maybell Molly 148 Pony Grand Prix, the Mullingar International Future Stars under 10 Championship, the Amateur Dingo Qualifier and the Grand Prix.



Tattersalls, Co Meath

The Irish Field CCI4*- (after dressage) - 1, Britain’s MGH Grafton Street (Pippa Funnell) 25.4 penalties; 2, Britain’s Dacapo (Laura Collett) 28.4; 3, Japan’s Bernadette Utopia (Kazuma Tomoto) 29.2; 4, New Zealand’s Blackthorn Cruise (Dan Jocelyn) 29.3; 5, Britain’s Killadeas (Tina Cook) 30.6; 6, USA’s Off The Record (Will Coleman) 31.5; 30 starters.

George Mernagh Memorial CCI4*-S (after dressage) - 1, New Zealand’s Ascona M (Tim Price) 25.90 penalties; 2, Japan’s Vinci de la Vinge (Kazuma Tomoto) 29.80; 3, Britain’s Zagreb (Alexander Bragg) 29.90; 4, Britain’s Calvino II (Kristina Cook) 30.50; 5, Britain’s KEC Deakon (Millie Dumas) 31.30; 6, Britain’s King Robert (Mary King) 32.70; 17 starters.

Eventing Ireland CCI3*-L (after dressage) - 1, Britain’s Georgisaurous (William Fox-Pitt) 20.50; 2, New Zealand’s Aloha (James Avery) 23.90; 3, Britain’s Forrest Gump 124 (Tom Jackson) 24.20; 4, Britain’s Dreamaway (Tom McEwen) 25.60; 5, Britain’s Fonbherna Lancer (Izzy Taylor) 26.30; 6, New Zealand’s Senza Fine (Tim Price) 26.40; 60 starters.

Connolly’s Red Mills CCIU253*-L (after dressage) - 1, Ireland’s OLS King Aragon (Cathal Daniels) 26 penalties; 2, Britain’s Tullaher Sunrise (Sam Ecroyd) 26.20; 3, Ireland’s LEB Lias Jewel (Cathal Daniels) 27.70; 4, Britain’s Zorro Rocco (Laura Schroter) 28; 5, Britain’s Morelands Celebration (Geneviere Clarke) 28.20; 6, Britain’s Opera House (Sam Ecroyd) 28.60; 32 starters.

Cooley Farm CCIYH2*-L (after dressage and cross-country) - 1, Britain’s Grafennacht (William Fox-Pitt) 24.6 penalties; 2, Britain’s Hartacker (Izzy Taylor) 28.30; 3, Britain’s Brookfield Benjamin Bounce (Tom McEwen) 28.60; 4, Ireland’s Shanbo Sky Fall (Sarah Ennis 29; 5, Ireland’s Azure (Elizabeth Power) 29.3; 6, Sweden’s Magnolia (Ludwig Svennerstal) 29.80; 53 starters.

Land Rover CCI2*-L (after dressage and cross-country) - 1, Britain’s Woodlander Wesuvio (John Paul Sheffield) 27.80 penalties; 2, France’s Brando de Cherel (Arthur Duffort) 28.3; 3, Britain’s Dali III (Gemma Gurvidi) 28.5; 4, Britain’s Billy Wonder (Pippa Funnell) 29.6; 5, Ireland’s Wellan Graffiti (Molly Evans) 29.6; 5, Britain’s Ardeo Fun Size (Phoebe Locke) 31.1; 6, Ireland’s Galwaybay Echo (June Burgess) 30.60; 68 starters.

Horseware CCIJ2*-L (after dressage and cross-country) - 1, Ireland’s Versace (Chloe Fagan) 24.80; 2, Britain’s Global H (Jemima Stratton 26; 3, Ireland’s Cleariestown Flavia (Molly O’Neill) 29.80; 4, Britain’s Ballintoher Harry (Lucinda Crawford) 31.50; 5, Ireland’s R Wee Builder (Rose de Montmorency) 32.30; 6, Ireland’s Master Tredstep (Lilly Keogh) 32.50; 31 starters.

Berney Bros CCI2*-L for ponies (after dressage and cross-country) - 1, Ireland’s Bramblebrough Eoghan (Lucie Glynn) 30.80 penalties; 2, Ireland’s Fiona’s Fionn (Grace Tyrrell) 31.40; 3, Ireland’s Manninard Diarmaid (Aine Duggan) 37.70; 4, Ireland’s Cillbhrid Pippa (Bryan Bourke) 38; 5, Ireland’s Cloughreagh Charlie (Holly Love) 40.60; 6, Ireland’s Little Indian Feather (Susan Shanahan) 53.90; 9 starters.

Show jumping

Hamburg, Germany


1.40m two-phase - 1, Britain’s Geneve R (Matthew Sampson) 0/0, 32.08; 2, Belgium’s Freesby de V (Olivier Philippaerts) 0/0, 32.30; 3, Germany’s Look At Me (Nisse Luneburg) 0/0, 32.60; 4, Germany’s For Laubry (Patrick Stuhlmeyer) 0/0, 34.50; 5, Britain’s Freud del Cebanon Cavalier-Pro (Michael Whitaker) 0/0, 34.71; 6, Ireland’s Deleyn (Shane Sweetnam) 0/0, 35.42; 25 starters.

1.50m speed - 1, Ireland’s Can Ya Makan (Shane Breen) 0, 96.18; 2, Germany’s Nupafeed’s La Vista (Sandra Auffarth) 0, 97.92; 3, Britain’s Quality Joker (Matthew Sampson) 0, 98.10; 4, Britain’s Golvers Hill (Nigel Coupe) 0, 100.05; 5, Germany’s Lady Lordana (Hendrik Sosath) 0, 103.34; 6, Germany’s Cordillo (Nisse Luneburg) 0, 107.46; 63 starters.

Lisbon, Portugal


1.50m speed - 1, Portugal’s Kafka VD Heffinck (Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida) 0, 59.20; 2, Belgium’s D&J Havanna (Dries Dekkers) 0, 60.70; 3, France’s Jewel De Kwakenbeek (Max Thirouin) 0, 61.21; 4, Britain’s Fantom (Jodie Hall Macateer) 0, 62.40; 5, Ireland’s Farianne (Richard Howley) 0, 63.10; 6, Ireland’s Clyde Va (Trevor Breen) 0, 64.72; 62 starters.

St Gallen, Switzerland


1.50m jump-off - 1, Brazil’s Koddac Van Het Indihof (Marlon Modolo Zanotelli) 0/0, 38.66; 2, Britain’s Cicero II (Guy Williams) 0/0, 39.22; 3, France’s GFE Excalibur De La Tour (Penelope Leprevost) 0/0, 42.54; 4, Ireland’s Lady Lou (Billy Twomey) 0/4, 39.70; 5, Switzerland’s Inonstop Van’T Voorhof (Arthur Gustavo da Silva) 1, 73.12; 6, Switzerland’s Douglass Chavannais (Annina Zuger) 1, 73.82; 45 starters.

St Tropez, France


1.40m two-phase - 1, France’s Uderzo de Rance (Julien Gonin) 0/0, 28.47; 2, Ireland’s Zira VH Kapelhof Z (Anthony Condon) 0/0, 29.35; 3, France’s Starlette de la Roque (Edward Levy) 0/0, 29.44; 4, Spain’s Visama Parsifal (Alvaro Diaz Garcia) 0/0, 31.56; 5, France’s Captain Keen (Jean Luc Mourier) 0/0, 32.95; 6, Mexico’s The Gambler (Jaime Azcarraga) 0/0, 32.71; 36 starters.


1.50m jump-off - 1, Ireland’s SFS Aristio (Anthony Condon) 0/0, 37.91; 2, France’s Filou Carlo Zimequest (Simon Delestre) 0/0, 39.52; 3, France’s Tanael des Bonnes (Aldrick Cheronnet) 0/0, 40.92; 4, Belgium’s Verdi Treize (Constant van Paesschen) 0/4, 37.82; 5, Portugal’s Stroudwood Eldarado (Mario Wilson Fernandes) 0/8, 42.25; 36 starters.

1.45m speed and handiness - 1, Ireland’s Zira VH Kapelhof Z (Anthony Condon) 0, 57.57; 2, France’s Conbelleza (Simon Delestre) 0, 57.92; 3, France’s Uderzo de Rance (Julien Gronin) 0, 58.78; 4, Britain’s Argento (John Whitaker) 0, 58.82; 5, France’s Sultan du Chateau (Megane Moissonnier) 0, 59.49; 6, France’s Indigo Blue Biolley (Marc Dilasser) 0, 59.57; 25 starters.

Tryon, Canada


1.50m jump-off - 1, USA’s Bull Run’s (Kristen Vanderveen) 0/0, 35.167; 2, Ireland’s Keoki (David Blake) 0/0, 39.292; 3, Dominican Republic’s Venus (Hector Florentino) 0/0, 39.697; 4, Mexico’s Dingeman (Santiago Lambre) 0/4, 35.914; 5, Puerto Rico’s Dontez (Freddie Vazquez) 0/4, 41.687; 6, USA’s Dante (Briley Koerner) 0/12, 37.624; 36 starters.

Vancouver Langley, Canada

1.45m speed - 1, Mexico’s Vitot Kervec (Arturo Parada Vallejo) 0, 58.52; 2, Mexico’s Lord Pizarro (Enrique Gonzalez) 0, 59.60; 3, Ireland’s Cita (Daniel Coyle) 0, 62.91; 4, USA’s Mr Europe (Karrie Rufer) 0, 62.97; 5, Mexico’s Fabrice DN (Nicolas Pizarro) 0, 63.14; 6, Mexico’s Ares (Nicolas Pizarro) 0, 63.53; 38 starters.

1.50m jump-off - 1, Canada’s Brighton (Tiffany Foster) 0/0, 32.74; 2, Mexico’s Tarzan d’Ivraie (Arturo Parada Vallejo) 0/0, 33.59; 3, Canada’s Excellent B (Nicole Walker) 0/0, 34.59; 5, Mexico’s Pegasso (Federico Fernandez) 0/0, 35.02; 5, Mexico’s Pomerol (Patricio Pasquel) 0/0, 35.48; 6.Ireland’s Captain (Conor Swail) 0/0, 35.77; 35 starters.

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