Kildare’s Glenn Ryan embroiled in heated exchange with reporters after Armagh defeat

Lilywhites suffered 14-point hammering to Armagh at home in Division Two

Kildare manager Glenn Ryan became embroiled in a heated exchange with a local reporter after his side’s third successive defeat in this year’s National Football League.

Kildare suffered a 14-point hammering at the hands of Armagh at Netwatch Cullen Park on Sunday, a defeat which leaves the Lilywhites in the Division Two relegation zone.

However, Ryan’s post-match interview with members of the local and national media turned tense after he was asked if comments made by Kildare chairman Mick Gorman at a recent county board meeting added unnecessary pressure on him and his team.

Gorman was quoted by The Leinster Leader to have said: “I spoke to the management for a long time today about the situation and the necessity that performances and results have to greatly improve. We are fully aware that results are not good enough, not good enough for the county, and the players and the management are all fully aware of the situation.”


When the chairman’s comments were brought up outside the Kildare dressingroom on Sunday evening, Ryan replied: “I don’t think the comments at the meeting had anything to do with anything out on the pitch.

“I don’t think they were properly reported either, but look all these things come to the fore when things aren’t going your way. I have a great relationship with Mick Gorman and with the county board and we’ll all keep working to do what we can to get the best out of these lads. Obviously, not at the moment but we’ll keep our heads down and keep working at it.”

However, a reporter from The Leinster Leader was standing next to Ryan and took issue with the Kildare manager’s words, asking him what had not been properly reported.

Ryan: “I was only told that, I wouldn’t bother reading them, but I was told that by people who were at the meeting that the report didn’t reflect the nature of the meeting.

Leinster Leader: “Do you want to listen to the tape?”

Ryan: “No, I have no interest in listening to the tape.”

Leinster Leader: “I was the one who reported it. And if you want to hear the tape I can send it to you.”

Ryan: “I don’t want to listen to it.”

Leinster Leader: “You can’t say that it wasn’t properly reported.”

Ryan: “I can give an opinion from what somebody else told me that was at it.”

Leinster Leader: “So it’s not your opinion, it’s somebody else’s opinion.”

Ryan: “It’s my opinion based on somebody who was at the meeting. I know you a long time, you can stand here in front of all of these and profess what you want to profess – it’s probably not the time ...”

Leinster Leader: “I agree with you.”

Ryan: “It’s probably not the time for you, who I would know for a long time, to be trying to put that out here in front of these. If you have an issue with me saying that, sure you have my number, you ring it loads of times, there’s no problem.”

Leinster Leader: “I haven’t got an issue. You have the issue.”

Ryan: “I’m only answering the question.”

Leinster Leader: “You’re answering a question on hearsay.”

Ryan: “I’m only answering a question.”

Leinster Leader: “If you say it wasn’t properly reported, and I reported it, that’s coming back to me.”

Ryan: “I was told it wasn’t properly reported.”

Leinster Leader: “I can send you the tape.”

Ryan: “I know you a long time and it’s a pity, when we’re at our lowest, you don’t get the support of people that you know a long time. And that’s disappointing.”

A reporter from The Kildare Nationalist then interjected.

Kildare Nationalist: “I was at the meeting as well and the reports were absolutely accurate. And we can only report what we hear and what we see.”

Ryan: “I can only report on the conversation that I had with Mick Gorman. But look, it’s something to be able to talk about other than the match, but the reality is we’re disappointed, and we’re hoping to maybe work hard to improve again. All these other things, I suppose, are clickbait for people. I keep supporting everybody who has a job to do, as best I can.”

The interview was brought to an end moments later.

The incident added another cloud over what had been a hugely disappointing day for Kildare, who are now in danger of both relegation and the possibility of missing out on the All-Ireland SFC this summer.

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Gordon Manning

Gordon Manning

Gordon Manning is a sports journalist, specialising in Gaelic games, with The Irish Times